Creative HEAD.



Recognised at the UK’s largest and most well know hairdressing publication, Creative HEAD are a London based hairdressing magazine.

With a large amount of self hosted events, awards, initiatives and photoshoots carried out each month, I work with them on a retainer basis - covering their events and shooting behind the scenes.

Wrapping 2018 with a bang - they presented Featured Artist LIVE. The event was collaboration between them, Babyliss and stylist, Johanna Cree Brown; bringing guests from all over the UK to see her in action with three models.

I was briefed to cover the show in my event photography reportage style - capturing Johanna at work, sponsor’s branding, and the guests having a great time.



Having worked with Creative HEAD multiple times this year - I captured the whole evening as it unfolded. With guests, and the stylists arriving - the installation spaces being opened, and the live styling session that took place for most of the evening. The event was wrapped with a Q&A session, and with each guest being given a gift from Babyliss’ selection of salon ready tools.

Edited and delivered by midnight on the same day as the event - the content has been used across their Instagram and in articles across the website.

Hikaru Funnell