Based in Shoreditch, TRIBE are a performance nutrition brand that produce their products using the highest quality natural ingredients. After a massive crowdfunding campaign, and backed by their active community of customers, TRIBE wanted to give back by creating three indulgent protein bars that are 100% vegan.

I was briefed to develop and capture a series of still life product photos that bridged the gap between product and food photography - making engaging social content to get their community excited.



With a short lead time, I started by researching what their community are passionate about; developing visual concepts that were on-brand for TRIBE, whilst simultaneously being different to anything they’d done before. Much alike their new range of indulgent bars.

Working on-location in Shoreditch, I brought a mobile studio to the shoot, with a selection of curated props, surfaces and ingredients to style each of the nine shots with.

Delivered by 6 PM the same day, the content has already been used for their community newsletter, and across all of their social platforms - gaining a lot of engagement and positive reactions to the new range.

Hikaru Funnell