Wandering Journal: Hong Kong + Japan.


Here's the first of a few books I'll be making from my journey to Hong Kong & Japan, from May/ June of 2016.

Wandering Journal is the name of a series of photo books I'll be doing over the coming years, and lends it's name from my original photo blog on Tumblr that I started when I picked up my first camera in 2011.

Inside this 6x9" book is a series of Black & White street photography, all taken within a month and shot on my favourite camera, the ultra discrete Olympus XA2.

It starts of off in Hong Kong, on the train to Kowloon; through the bustling street markets of Nathan Road and then Hong Kong's many small islands. From there it explores the metropolis of Tokyo, the 6AM Tsukiji Fish Market tuna auction, then follows a circuit around Japan, exploring lots of smaller towns on the way.

The cover is a light grey linen, with hand stuck graphics which I had printed on 180GSM matte stock to give it a nice feel when picked up and held. The photos inside are printed on matte 105GSM, giving a bit of a zine feel with the paper.

Overall I'm really happy with this, and there's always something so satisfying about seeing photos printed in books, as it adds a physical quality to the whole experience.