Analog Travel: Lisbon.

Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia 400 - Lisbon March 2018 12.jpg

With a few days free in the calendar, I decided to book a spontaneous trip to Lisbon.

After packing a small bag, mainly containing suncream, books, my trusty Canon A1 and a baggie full of Portra 400 - I flew out, to arrive just before golden hour... perfect!

Touching on my points from my Hong Kong and Japan travel post; I really love bringing a light analog setup. By only having a limited amount of exposures, and no lenses to swap out, I feel it makes you more creative in your choices of taking a photo or not.

A lot of my time was spent walking around, from each of the beautiful sights that were set into the hills - being sure to get a cheeky wine in-between at restaurants, whilst reloading my camera with the next roll.

I also tried out an app called, EatWith. In the same vein as Airbnb, you're able to dine with residents at their house - trying the regional food; giving you a wholly different experience to hitting the popular traps. Despite being a quiet day and not wanting to turn me away, the host I'd contacted had invited me over to hang with him and his Sommelier friend - pairing wines to each of the dishes (which were incredible). He also very kindly let me crash in his spare room for my stay, which was a godsend as my hostel had a snorer... 

Canon A1 with Fujifilm Superia 400 - Lisbon March 2018 5.jpg

A common theme whenever I visit somewhere, is that it is on the coast or near water. You can always get a great view of any city from a boat; there's something really atmospheric about it. Mixing this with the beautiful architecture of pastel tones, the super friendly people, and shooting everything on Portra 400 - Lisbon did not disappoint!

For me, traveling to new places is always really exciting and I've been lucky enough to meet many amazing people like Zé whilst doing so. I'm already really pumped about my two week trip to Vietnam in October, and can't wait to see who I meet when I'm there.