Music: Cargo Mix.


Ever since I brought my first turntables when I was 15 (with a lot of washing up money), I have always had a massive passion for music, and more specifically DJ'ing. 

After borrowing a friends equipment on and off for the last year, I've now purchased a digital controller to allow me to continue mixing. Digging through my crate of 1000's of records, and adding a few hundred more releases - I've created my latest mix.

As a fan of left field sounds, or as it's now known, 'grey area' - I love intersecting genres like Ambient, Techno and Drum & Bass.

My mixes are usually inspired by my surroundings or from when I've been travelling. When doing this, I like to travel the way a local would: Be in on a crammed bus, on crumbling paths up a hillside, or in this case - a cargo ship in-between Hiroshima and Itsukushima. 

Cargo was influenced by this trip; the atmospheric photos I took; the smells, and the sounds of the area.

I'll be putting another one of these out in the next few weeks, with more in the pipeline. Enjoy!